Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ted Cruz on 3rd Nominations - Ted Cruz's odds for the Republican nomination have slipped in CNN's Political Prediction Market. Donald Trump is back in the top spot, tying with GOP rival Sen. Marco Rubio, their chances at 31% each for the Republican nomination. Cruz is now in third place with his odds at 29%. CNN's Political Prediction Market, administered by a company called Pivit, is a game that factors polls and other elements and invites users to predict where the election will go. The markets have fluctuated a lot as the public weighs in on the increasing or decreasing chance that a candidate or party wins or loses an election. The game should not be confused with a survey from real voters. Cruz first took the lead on December 22, lost the lead to Trump on December 30 and then regained the lead Tuesday. The Texas senator was at 32% for the nomination on Wednesday and 31% chances on Thursday. Rubio's odds shot up, going from 26% on Thursday to 32% on Friday. Trump's chances also increased from being at 28% on Wednesday to being at 31% on Friday. In related news, the Prediction Market also still shows a higher chance that a Democrat will enter the White House over a Republican, with chances at 59% to 41% respectively. After President Obama made a gesture to call attention to some victims of violence while ignoring others, Republican presidential candidate Sen.
Ted Cruz on 3rd Nominations


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