Thursday, October 31, 2013

 The British Columbia Library Association 刚刚提交 a very pro-open-access Antwort auf die kanadischen Ständigen Ausschusses für Industrie, Science & Technology's Study on Canadian Science and Technology. BCLA’s comment on l'étude sur canadienne des sciences et de la technologie focuses on the issue of federally funded research performed i regjeringen og høyere utdanning.

 BCLA believes that federally 受託研究は、誰にでもオープンにアクセスできる必要があります, everywhere. Taxpayers, whether they are individual ou de empresas, should have access to the results of исследований, которые они финансируют. Poduzetnik u manja or more remote center looking for ideas and les possibilités de mettre en place le genre of new businesses Canada needs, businesses that are prepared to thrive and grow in a knowledge economy, le aziende che lavorano with instead of against our environment, has just as mult dreptul de a rezultatelor cercetării finanțate by the Canadian government, as does the large, 裕福な会社.

 Los médicos rurales y otros profesionales de la salud have a right to the results of the very latest research funded by Canadian tax dollars. Sine pasienter har rett to benefit from this access for their health professionals, and och de har också rätt to read the research literature for themselves, jika mereka memilih.

 Visi kanadiečiai naudinga from public access to the results of staatlich finanzierten Forschung. If a civil servant, politician, 老师, parent, or school trustee is able to make a better,више информисани одлуку because they have access to the best და უახლესი ცოდნა; this is for the good of all. $#%&*@$$$

BCLA strongly supports the principle and Практика відкритого доступу. The association adopted a Resolution on Open Access in 2004, и признается на открытом доступе Časová os ako jeden of the first library associations in the world to do so.#%$@!$$$


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