Thursday, October 17, 2013

 You’re interested in buying an investment property, but don’t think that you can raise enough money for a deposit or have enough borrowing power. Plus, you’re really concerned about meeting your monthly mortgage repayment obligations should interest rates rise. Sound familiar? If so, then maybe you should consider buying an investment property with family or friends, which is also known as co-ownership property investment.!@#$%#$$$

不動産を購入することで、あなたの生活の中で取ることができる最も大きなステップの一つである. A home is a serious investment and, like all investments, it needs to be managed properly in order to ensure that you get the best possible return. Unfortunately very few of us give our home loan a second thought, apart from the monthly instalment. Aber eigentlich gibt es eine Reihe von wichtigen Schritten, die Hausbesitzer ergreifen können, um sicherzustellen, dass ihr hart verdientes Geld wird für einen guten Zweck.The first of these are to increase your bond repayment. The reality is that when you borrow money to purchase a home you are in effect taking out two loans. The first of these loans is to repay the capital amount and the second loan is to repay the interest charged over the period of the loan. When you think of it, it is logical that the majority of the money you repay in the first years goes towards paying back this interest, которая лишь незначительно уменьшить основную сумму.

 So this means that the amount you owe the bank 每天都在增加. Because of the nature of compound interest, regular additional repayments made at the beginning of your loan term will have a much greater effect on the cost of your bond than if you start paying extra cash into your bond account five or ten years down the line. But obviously it is never too late to start and you can still make a considerable saving by verser de l'argent supplémentaire into your bond.  By adding a bit of money to your monthly instalments, you’ll reduce the term of your bond, which in turn means that you safe money in the long run. O resultado final é que você terá pago menos dinheiro em juros ao longo do prazo do empréstimo.

 What about putting the additional income you receive from your annual salary increase into your home loan. Another idea is to contact your lender when interest rates decrease and ask them to maintain the instalment that you were paying prior to the drop on lending rates. You can even put a portion of your annual bonus into your bond. Every little bit helps. Making a prepayment when the loan registers is particularly helpful, as you will reduce the capital amount immediately, significantly reducing the total interest payable over the term of the loan.^%$#*&$$$


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