Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Open Economy is eine Wirtschaft, which is free to trade with le altre economie of different countries. This is in sharp contrast with the closed экономика where people are not allowed to trade with other zemlje. Отворена икономика is a field, which deals in macroeconomic phenomena like exchange rates, balance of trade, tariffs, subsidies, and import quotas. 一个开放的经济体系 is advantageous because people can trade in goods and services; indulge in business with the international arena at large. This increases the scope of trade and business leading to profitable earnings.Otvoreno gospodarstvo शामिल of two types of trade.
1. Export  
2. Importeksportere is the act of selling goods and services to a foreign country.импортировать is the act of purchasing goods and services from 외국.These two are collectively termed as commerce international.

Furthermore, open economy on the financial セクター, yatırım politikaları have been liberalized with the aim of weitere Vertiefung of the sector as well as ensuring a sound and stable finansusystem. This has resulted in the issuance of operating licenses to strong  banche to conduct the business of banking. Community banks are also being established to provide финансов intermediation services to the rural poor. 

Open and closed economies Es wurde davon ausgegangen to produce opposite relations between responding and the programmed density of reward (the amount of reward divided by its cost). 実験的 procedures that are treated as odprta gospodarstva typically dissociate responding and total reward by providing supplemental income outside the experimental session; procedures construed as closed economies do not. In un'economia aperta responding is assumed to be directly related to reward density, whereas in a closed economy reagiert wird angenommen to be inversely related to reward density. In αντίθεση to this predicted correlation between response-reward relations and type of economy, behavior regulation theory predicts both direct and inverse relations in both 폐쇄 형 및 개방형 경제.

Money Investments on Open Economy

利下げ for example, lower the cost of borrowing, which results in higher investment activitiy and the purchase of consumer durables.  The expectation that economic actividad will strengthen may also prompt banks to ease lending policy, which in turn enables businesses and kodumajapidamiste to boost spending.  In a low interest-rate environment, shares become a more привлекательный buy, raising households financial assets. This may also contribute to higher consumer shpenzimeve, and makes companies Investitionsvorhaben more attractive.  Lower interest rates also tend to cause currencies to depreciate:  Demand for domestic goods rises when imported goods become more expensive.  All of these factors raise output and employment as well as 투자 and consumer spesa.  However, this stepped-up demand may cause prices and wages to rise if goods and labor markets are fully utilized.

Тратить меньше на потребление than available one's disposable income called individual saving or simply risparmio. It bears no risk or a slight of risk at all. It can be deposited in 銀行 or pension fund, buy um negócio, pay down debt etc. The common element of 절약 is the claim on asset that can be used to pay for future consumption. If there is return on the οικονομία in the form of dividend, interest, rent on capital gain there can be a net gain in einzelne besparing and they in ინდივიდუალური wealth. so....$%#&^@@$%$$$ take your risk and just do it cause its your money.


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